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Answers to Above Ground Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I buy an Above Ground Pool?
Today's above ground pools have beautiful tile bordered liners and you can add many accessories (i.e. heaters, slides, fiber optic lighting, fountains etc...) that were once thought to be in ground pool accessory.
In today's world families relocate frequently. Wouldn't it be nice to know you can take your pool with you?
An above ground pool costs thousands less than an in ground pool and you can generally install it in a weekend's time.
What type of pool should I buy?
Personal preference will help to determine this. First, decide if you want a 48" or 52" deep pool. Second, what size pool and shape best fits your backyard. Third, which outside pool wall pattern best fits your taste.
How long does it take to construct an above ground pool?
As mentioned above, it generally takes a weekend using 3 people, and assuming the ground where the pool is to be constructed, is user friendly!!
Can I put a deep end in the pool?
Absolutely!! Just let us know when purchasing and we will quote you an expandable to 60" or 72" liner.
Can I partially bury the pool in the ground?
Your above ground pool is meant to be just that, above ground. If you decide to bury your pool, the manufacturer will void the warranty.
How do I level the pool?
We suggest placing patio blocks under each upright.
Do I need to put anything between the ground and the liner?
Yes, the manufacturer requires a non-abrasive material between the liner and the ground. We suggest using sand (approximately 1") or a material called "Happy Bottom."
If I put sand down, how much do I need?
15' round - 1 yard
18' round - 1.5-2 yards
24' round - 3-3.5 yards
28' round - 4 yards
33' round - 6 yards
15' x 30' oval - 3-3.5 yards
18' x 33' oval - 4-5 yards
What mil liner comes with the pool?
A 20 mil liner is standard. We can get you a 25 mil, but a 20 mil is adequate.
How much sand does the filter require?
The filter system sold with our above ground pools require 200lbs of sand.
Do I need a larger pump/filter system?
No!! The system sold with our above ground pools circulates the gallons needed to keep your pool crystal clear provided you perform the required maintenance.
How long should I run my equipment?
Your equipment should run for a minimum of 8 hours every day.
What do I need to do to my pool in the winter?
Prior to the temperature dropping to the freezing level, you should drain the filter system of all the water and remove all hoses from the pool. The return line may require a threaded plug, or "gizmo". You may also want to drop the water level below the skimmer to prevent the skimmer from cracking.
How do I purchase an ABOVE GROUND POOL?
You can purchase your above ground pool online or call 1-866-697-6657 and a customer service agent will assist you with your purchase. You may also print the MAIL ORDER FORM and mail it with your check.

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